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Again, what are the benefits to trading away our book industry?


Changes to Parallel Import Restrictions (PIR) would have a flow on effect to our territorial copyright laws, severely impacting protections currently in place for Author intellectual property protection.

Resilience and the Art of Book Creation

As an author, you must learn to take the good and the bad, filter the useful feedback and rise above the slings and arrows of mortal men and women.

Plagiarism and Copyright

In this final part of the series I want to get into the main points to remember when looking at plagiarism and copyright.

Plagiarism: You've Been Ghosted

Writing is a skill, a trade, honed over hours, weeks, months and years. Writers craft a story, a world into which the reader can lose themselves. This new way of commercialised writing, churning out book after book after book is

Training VS Learning

We seem to have come full circle and still don’t seem have the results we need to further the next generations of skills and experience.  What is missing? Learning.

Plaigerism: The Rumour mill and the Russians

In the mid 2000s we were seeing the second or third attempt at the company that would be Amazon and plagiarism...

Do Better. Be Better.

As an industry professional and advocate I know how my words can matter to those I work with. At every opportunity, it is my intention to positively influence those around me.

What’s In It For Me? International Women's Day Special

As women, we are not encouraged by society to ask ourselves “what is in it for me” as a natural attribute. In fact you may already be feeling uncomfortable about the question, before you even read the article.

Stand Up and Stand Out: Rising Above The Industry Noise

Three things that can make a difference to succeeding as an Indie Author.