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Off The Shelf - Christmas Edition - Janet Elizabeth


Most of the time my choices for a good read are Christian and on the more spiritual end of the ‘religious’ spectrum. Time is of the essence nowadays and so the read has to be worthwhile of the time spent, either revealing something, teaching something, or addressing a need, feeling or belief system.

Here are the last 4 books that I have read – or re-read.

Recently I re read The Shack – WM Paul Young (also recently released as a movie) This is probably one of my most favourite books as it shows the heart of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit and portrays them as people living in a shack, when a recently bereaved man whose daughter was murdered, is called on to meet God. I loved the way the writer has described each one of them – God appears as a big hearty black woman and the Holy Spirit as a misty ethereal moving entity who tends the garden of this man’s broken heart. Jesus appears as himself only with jeans, shirt and boots instead of a long tunic, and the way they minister to the man together, to bring him to an understanding of how God works, is inspired. At the centre of this is his anger at his daughters’ abduction and death. It’s a sad story from the point of view of the death of his child, but the man is totally at peace after his time there. He finds the resting place of his daughter, visits the courtroom and meets Justice, sees his daughter playing with other children and Jesus, and even walks on water and goes fishing with Christ. I loved it.

‘How to win friends and Influence people’ by Dale Carnegie, which I have recently re-read for the 8th time. Most entrepreneurs will have already read it, as it is a classic personal development book by Dale Carnegie. First written in the 30’s it’s a must read if you want to confront all things that come up when you step out of your comfort zone and do something totally different to the norm. My biggest lesson from this personally was to stop trying to be right all the time. It made me realise that if I am right then the other person is shown up as wrong, and people don’t like it. Read it if you truly want to be the change that you want to see in the world. Life lessons that have not changed over the years.

The next one is The Barefoot InvestorScott Pape, basically a self-help book that shows you how to get your money sorted and covers the best bank accounts, supers, insurances and investments as well as many other very helpful strategies to become a person who has no money worries. Taken from his own personal journey, it’s simple and helpful. A good easy read.

The third is Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorious. A true story. This is a very heart-wrenching read and tells the story of a young boy who was in a coma since the age of 12 with a degenerative disease. It’s the story of how gradually his mind woke up but he was unable to communicate leaving him a prisoner inside a broken body. No one around him is aware that he hears and sees them. It does have a happy ending (or I wouldn’t have read it – I’m a sook!) but it’s a telling testimony against pulling the plug or euthanasia. ‘Unputdownable’ and heartbreaking in parts.


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