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Plagiarism: You've Been Ghosted

I've always had a problem with ghost writers when it comes to fiction. Acknowledged ghostwriters are barely acceptable to me. I feel duped because it means the author being used to sell the book didn't create the book. Ghostwriters have now also become the scape goat for unscrupulous "authors" caught plagiarising others works. This isn't just limited to the recent scandals in the book industry either. Journalist, university students and comedians have of late all been accused of plagiarism with and without ghost writers.  I'm talking about the use and abuse of underpaid ghostwriters for someone else's benefit. University students are now paying ghost writers to write their assignments and don't seem to get its plagiarism. But the the fully grown adults on eBook platforms do or they wouldn't disappear like they apartated in a mist of "it was the ghostwriters fault" when they are caught. Take responsibility for your own actions people. The 5 writers you paid and average of 100 dollars each to slap together some other peoples work and call it a book are not at fault. You are. You and the profit hungry mega giant that gives a little extra back to the authors who can post a book a month and don't even get me started on payment per page read. An environment has been created that in order to succeed the integrity of the work must be compromised and it's not good enough.



Writing is a skill, a trade, honed over hours, weeks, months and years. Writers craft a story, a world into which the reader can lose themselves. This new way of commercialised writing, churning out book after book after book is like a slap in the face to readers. And it is the readers that must set the tone into the future. If you don't find it acceptable, demand better. Don't buy a book because its 99c, buy a book that has been valued correctly and because you actually want to read it. Don't pay per page, buy the whole book. If you don't like it move on to your next read. If consumers continue to feed the beast it will get bigger and badder and then it won't matter anymore because it will take over and the practices that we see as scandalous now,  will become the normal of the future.



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