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Tea With....

Janet Elizabeth


What has been the best part of your journey to becoming a published author?


I’d have to say the complete surprise of it all. I had no intention or desire to write a book, it just wasn’t on my radar. I was happily building a health related business in the Social Retail space when things sort of changed when I became a Christian

I was encouraged to start a daily journal. It was a great way to get those thoughts out, to put down in writing any worries, questions or observations.

The pages became filled with insights and replies, I found I got answers and direction from them, and they all came out in rhyme. I don’t remember any particular feelings or thought around that until I began to get a word from God that a particular poem was for someone else. Once passed on, they were having profound effects on the recipients and that absolutely blew me away.

I know now that it’s a way that God can communicate with us. So I put them in a book in the belief that they could bless others and I give a ‘word’ to everyone who buys a book through their own personal poem.


As a Christian Author is there any advice you would give to other aspiring authors in your genre?


I’d say don’t get distracted, write what you feel is true to you and to what God is showing you. There are many people out there who need your words and experiences. Find your tribe – people who think the same as you and who have Jesus in the centre of their lives. It is too easy to get pulled away to a ‘better’ deal or a topic that doesn’t stay true to your beliefs. Plus, as with everything seek God and get others to pray with and for you.


Children love The Good Samaritan; how challenging was being both Author and Illustrator?


At first that was very challenging. I had no intention of illustrating the book – although when I first wrote it there were little pencil sketches that I had drawn with each verse. A friend read it to her son, but she felt there needed to be pictures (of course)

So I was casually asking around for someone who could illustrate but in the end an artist friend just gave me some paints and paintbrushes and said she felt I was supposed to do it myself. I started the first illustration in November 2017 and the book was finished and published in January 2018 - on my 60th birthday.                                                                            

I have gone from water colour paints, to water colour pencils which I am much more comfortable with. I often have an attack of the guilts when I’m painting because it doesn’t feel like I’m working.


Do you have a favourite poem in Heaven is all About Him?


I have, its ‘Beautiful Journey’ because it’s about me and the women that surrounded me in a very difficult time when our friend contracted Motor Neurone Disease. It’s about how we are armour bearers for all the women who surround us, it’s for all women who support and pray for each other. Our friend passed 2 years ago, it was a very difficult time. She was so brave and still such an awesome mentor and leader all through her last years.

I had the poem put on a fridge magnet and many of my friends and customers now have it on their fridge.


Are there any books you are currently reading? And are you enjoying them?


I am not currently reading anything. “Think, Learn, Succeed” by Dr Caroline Leaf was the last one I bought on Kindle. Still unopened maybe you should come back to me on that one. haha


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