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Tea With...

Virginia Miranda


In my writing I am inspired by... the people I meet, the books I read and the places I visit. Travel, history and the people I meet or those from the past inspire me to tell their stories.


The best part of writing Flash Fiction Volume Two was... seeing the finished product. Seeing what illustrations Tom, my illustrator, came up with. What did he see in the story? Was it the same as me or did he see something altogether different? And of course, the places I visited beforehand, which inspired these stories.


When I’m not writing I’m... reading, boating, catching up with family and friends. But always I have a story bubbling in my head which can mean I sometimes appear rather distracted.


The book that changed my life was... ‘The Book of Love’. The second in a trilogy called The Magdalene Trilogy by Kathleen McGowan. At the time I didn’t realise there was a first book. After reading all three and meeting Kathleen, my writing blossomed.

Now, some years later I have read all three numerous times and travelled with Kathleen and an amazing group of men and women to the places in her books. Every day I thank a friend for putting the idea in my head.


My favourite place to curl up with a book is... wherever there is quiet or a light breeze or sunshine…the boat, the back patio, the car, a cruise ship beside the pool and aeroplane.  





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