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In The Beat of a Dragon's Wing

Draon calling Review


The Dragon Calling Series

5 Quick Points for the Savvy Reader


  1. Its high fantasy kids can read.


Aimed at 10 to15 year olds the Dragon Calling series is a high fantasy that can happily be explored by the most demanding young reader. Adults are loving it too!


  1. Empowering themes


Themes that run throughout the series are emotionally engaging and relatable for readers. Self -discovery, Courage, Loss, Friendship, Team Work, Trust and Perseverance are just a few of the reoccurring themes present throughout.



  1. Incredible world building


Naomi paints the world her characters live in vividly. Each book is an immersive experience.


  1. Mystery, Adventure and laughs


This fantasy is beautifully woven with moments of humour that give the reader the perfectly timed tension relief that is so important in an engaging read.


  1. Dragons


Who doesn't love dragons?!

But that’s not all, there’s Unicorns, Hobgoblin, Satyr, Centaurs and so much more.


“The author writes with such clarity and insight that takes you on an adventure into amazing places where you meet characters that draw you into this adventure again and again. I also recommend this book for adults not just children. There is a purity and innocence that is so missing in much of todays’ writings but the story still manages to portray the raw and gutsy reality of what life can be at times. This is a great adventure and highly recommended.GoodReads Review Credit: Christine

 Naomi Eccles-Smith

 Author Bio


       Kin Seeker    

                         Kin Seeker                                     The Beacon Thrones                                    Dual Destiny           


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