Aussie Author on the Big USA Adventure and Moving?

Aussie Author on the Big USA Adventure and Moving?

Posted by Kia Carrington-Russell on 23rd Jun 2019

Thursday, 6 July 2017

“I’ll follow where my heart sings and my instinct tugs. There is no way it can be wrong because at the very least, there will be adventure and a story to tell. And I, at my very core and being- am a storyteller.” ~ Kia Carrington-Russell, International Award Winning Author.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kia Carrington-Russell and I am an international award winning author. I've been in the publishing industry now for three years and at the age of twenty-three am very confident in where I stand as a confident and independent woman in the vast sea of the world.

I am also a dreamer and believer in expansion which is why this little brave heart for all its confidence has decided to venture over the seas and call the USA home. Let me explain why as an author I feel like this is the best opportunity for my career.

I have now published twelve books in total with another anticipated forty. I have won sixteen awards and short listings; been showcased in glamour UK magazine three times; experienced a USA signing tour and venture to book signings and guest speaking regularly.

For me and in my opinion I've chosen to move to the USA due to its ample opportunity and leads of having already the biggest publishing houses in the world. It isn't to say I will focus on the major publishing houses because as an independent publisher I haven't yet decided which path I would like to continue if the opportunity of a contract arose. Currently I am focusing on what is in my power and the foundations that I have built and already created myself from hard work.

In my opinion I have found that the USA market and readers endorse literature much more then Australians. Again this is just personal findings. With research and regular social media contact, most of my support and readers are based in the USA. Which was very well proven when I did my first USA signing tour in 2016. A second factor, USA residents seems to have a more fanatical and appreciative aspect to books, movies, the different worlds that we create. This isn't neglecting my love or support from Australian readers, my goodness no but what I mean is word of mouth simply circulates more in the USA, if a reader there really loves a book, they really LOVE it and they let everyone know. I think in a sense it's a slight cultural difference.

The third reason is for a more personal reason. I am a workaholic, I have always worked full time with numerous jobs at once including my dedication to my books and career, mostly focusing within the logistics and management industry. I get so ensnared by my role and responsibilities, always trying to excel that I end up expanding someone else's business instead of my own. This decision which was made only eight weeks ago was a reassessment of my focus and the desire to open further opportunity.

The fourth reason is that the USA is calling out to me. I had for only three weeks visited last year for my signing tour and yet since returning to Australia it hasn't felt Iike home or where my heart sings. Funny that impressionable instinct.

So for those who really know me and have followed my journey for some time now you already know that I am a dreamer and follow my heart. I don't believe in failure and only learning, of evolving myself as a person and experiencing life to its fullest and what it can offer me. I always take myself out of my comfort zone so I can be a conductor for experiences, sensations and emotions that I can better relay into my books. And what a great way it has been so far for me to live.

With much support from loved ones and readers we will discover together the journey and hardships of how this Aussie author will find work, residence and a new life in the journey of the USA. I will be updating my blog regularly with my adventures and trials. I hope you enjoy being a part of my USA journey as much as I am to instigate it.

~As I type this on my ipad I am currently amongst sleeping passengers on my fourteen hour flight to Los Angeles airport. Goodbye Australia and hello USA. 18.06.2017