Predatory Publishers Sunday, 26 May 2019

Predatory Publishers Sunday, 26 May 2019

Posted by #thedirector on 30th Jun 2019

You’ve seen the ads, maybe you’ve even been caught by a contract that was too good to be true. Here a few quick points to help you on your publishing journey and hopefully keep the predatory publisher away.

  • Most publisher won’t approach you. So, you’ve received an email with a book, journal or writing offer? This is not common industry practice. Chances are they will take your money and IP and you won’t see a return on your hefty investment.
  • The average successful Australian Author (This includes major publishing) earns between $11k and $13k a year. Whether published by ebook or print this is a statistical fact. If you are being told you will make $100k or more for your first book you are being lied to.
  • You'll get paid public speaking engagements. Maybe. Public speaking is not an easy revenue source. If you want to be successful you need training and a relevant message in you chosen field. You build a reputation as a speaker it isn’t a given as an author.
  • READ YOUR CONTRACT and then read it again and again. Cross check clauses and make sure your IP is protected, your images are protected and there are no hidden fees. Some unscrupulous predatory publishers will bury additional charges for editing, cover work and print costs in the fine print.

On a final note; if it sounds fantastical it probably is. Common sense and knowledge are your best allies when starting your publishing journey don’t leave them behind.

Watch out for our contract basics workshops coming later in the year. We will cover the main catches to be observant for and how you can be more contract savvy.