Curse of Kings (The Trails of Oland Born #1) by A. Barclay

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Fourteen-year-old Oland Born lives in dark and desperate times, in a world ruled by evil tyrant, Vilius Ren. Vilius and his fearful, bloodthirsty army have wrecked the prosperous kingdom of Tyrian, once ruled by good King Micah. Oland himself has been kept as Viliuss servant in grim Castle Derrington, and he knows little about his past - or why Vilius keeps such a sharp, close eye on him. When a message is delivered to Oland from the long-dead king, the truth begins to unravel...Could Oland be the hero that the kingdom is waiting for? And so begins the very greatest test of bravery and cunning a boy has ever faced... The setting is a hugely atmospheric fantasy world of medieval castles, Romanesque games arenas, supernatural forests and desert pits, and harsh seas. Terrifying hybrid creatures and monsters abound - and Olands greatest ally is a girl called Delphi who has dark secrets of her own. Ages 10+