Bookseller Rewards and Discounts


Hand selling Indie titles isn't easy and we understand this. So we wanted to make it more accessible for stores to stock our titles. We developed these simple Discounts and Rewards with a group of Store Managers and Owners that want to stock Indie however for one reason or another they haven't yet.


Discounts for Stores:

Order $200 or more retail value and get an extra 2.5% off the order total*

Order $350 or more retail value and get an extra 5% off the order total*


Rewards for Booksellers:


Be a stand out Indie seller and get rewarded. Show us your passion for Indie. Log your quarterly sales with us and tag us on your socials. There will be 3 Rewards of a $25 Visa Voucher during the year and the most active seller will receive a $100 Visa Voucher at the end of the calendar year with the runner up getting a $50 Voucher.


Simple Discounts and Rewards to do what you love.


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