Naomi Eccles- Smith

Naomi grew up in family of story-lovers. With a musical and arty father and a mother who loved all things Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings, Naomi’s whimsical mind flourished in the fertile soils of shared adventure and creativity. Since she could hold a pencil, she took to drawing, and doodled on almost any piece of paper that came her way; even her high-school workbook margins were filled with comical cartoons and fantastical creatures.

Though an avid lover of stories, Naomi had no strong love of reading (with the exception of the Narnia Chronicles and The Hobbit), and even found herself dissatisfied with curricular art classes. Instead, she chose to pursue drama and creative arts, and self-teach her illustrative abilities on the side. It was only during her senior school years that her passion for creative writing finally awakened―nurtured by her eccentric but inspiring English teacher―and a fusion of her creative talents took place. She even found a new passion for reading, which she admittedly accredits to J. K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter series, at the time, was riding its first great wave.

And so began the journey of a budding author/ illustrator; a journey she likens to any she has read from within the pages of epic fantasies. And though she has dabbled in other creative areas―including stage acting, choir and solo singing, and movie/ TV extra work―her heart and mind are fixed with an unbreakable passion on being a creator of worlds and characters, in both written and illustrated form.
Her fantasy adventure series, Dragon Calling, has stolen the hearts and imaginations of readers across the globe, and her short stories have received the attention and accolades of both national and international writing competitions.

And though she plans to continue to advocate her love of animals through voluntary and financial support, and perhaps return to acting/ extra work as a hobby, Naomi will forever be a duel-wielding teller of stories, with pen in one hand, and pencil in the other.


Starsea Press


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