Our Story

Imaginarium 2.0 is the story of creative creation.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that all bibliomance with a book, some wine and ladies talking. Catherine Davenport and Becky Paroz fell over each at a book launch, somewhere during discussing the a book cover and a rant about the vanity vultures that appear whenever and wherever vulnerable creatives lie exposed, their underbelly ripe for stripping of dignity and cash. Neither can remember who ranted first.

If you have enough money you can be published. If you have the right connections, regardless of the quality of your story, you can be published. If you charge a fortune and burn early authors because you have no conscience, you can make a fortune from this industry. It doesn’t necessarily translate into the author receiving the exposure, and more importantly, PAYMENT, their work might actually deserve. It is not a merit-based industry. It is not as supportive as it markets itself to be. It is getting a shake up at the moment that is well and truly overdue. The rise of the indie driven market is upon us and we adapt or we lose control of the outcomes we all want as creatives, and lovers of all things creative. #hardcore

Becky had recently commenced writing creatively outside of her 30 years in the construction industry and was reeling from the stench of privilege that was still inherent in the publishing industry. Bek was calling BS on this about the same time Cat was getting super passionate about the indie market and the potential for new and unfound authors to be heard, discovered, read. Sparks flew, love hearts spontaneously erupted into the air, bluebirds sang and it was true book worshippers at first sight.

Cat discovered that not only did Bek speak the same language, they loved the same authors and had a wide and eclectic library each. Over giant mugs of tea, book sharing, some #shelftouching and a little #booksniffer envy, Imaginarium 2.0 was conceived, the creation pains of which were mitigated by Jack Daniels somewhat. They know how to celebrate together equally well.



While wanting to revive the magic and mystery that books once used to have (and all #booklovers cry “they still do”); and embracing that sense of “I’m going on an adventure” that pervades the very atmosphere when you crack open a new fresh story - ready to dive; plus the new and exciting digital world that has allowed Indie to thrive; Imaginarium 2.0 became the only name that could possibly embody their shared values, beliefs and passion for books.


Cat is a powerful industry advocate and has been for almost 20 years now. She is passionate about all things indie and creating a fair platform for creatives; the power and diversity that can come with allowing the space and professional support for creatives to deliver their message to the world, while engaging the potential of community.   Cat wants a fair go for authors, copyright protection and loads of books and art and music and cakes for everyone. She loves her rose-coloured glasses and she couldn’t give a white rabbit’s patootie if you think she bubbles a lot. She likes bubbles.


Bek has been writing for years. Construction Project plans, systems, procedures, business copy, reports, progress updates and risk management OH MY! She has been mentoring highly-motivated individuals for over 10 years, won some awards and generally kicks ass, takes names and dishes out sarcasm as her favourite hobbies. She believes life is far too important to take seriously. Bek also keeps a stable of pet dragons. She doesn’t really care if you don’t believe in them, they believe in her. Especially at dinner time.