Tender Thistles by Bi Shumin


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Famous Chinese psychologist, Bi Shumin, is well known for her
successful treatment of clients, and for her bestselling books. Bi’s
main concern in this volume, is to offer support to teenagers and
young adults. It offers the wisdom, philosophical musings, and
experience of her long life helping thousands of Young Adults
gain mastery over their fledgling lives. Bi offers the reader an
array that is sure to help, and interest all who read them.

"Now you bend towards him. Your eyes are shining with concentration. You hold your breath, looking into his eyes. Your breath matches the rise and fall of his emotional outbursts. When he is happy, you smile back at him. When he is sad, you lower your gaze. If he becomes tearful, you offer him a Kleenex. If he remains silent, keep him company for as long as it takes."

Bi possesses insights that grasp mental and physical essence, courage, insight and empathy that is difficult for many writers. As a doctor, it was her mission to heal the
body, as a psychologist she wanted to heal the mind, and with her writing she wanted to heal the emotions.
And later she goes on to write; After all these years of helping clients, I know that setting goals for life is a process achieved through personal exploration, and ultimately instilled into the psychological system.