Token Wolf by Kia Carrington- Russell


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In a world and time that has destroyed civilization for all humanity, Token Huntress, Esmore must recover since her descent and near-death. Lacking in control of her new found vampirism without her familiar, Chase, she is on the hunt for those who took what was precious to her. Leading two separate covens, fighting the Vampire Council head on, and on the run from her previous Hunter Guild, Esmore has never been so deliciously tainted. While on the hunt for her familiar and securing his safety, Esmore discovers that the humans, who had been lacking all these years in numbers and military power might not be as weak as once thought. This is a game of war between immortals, humans and all mutated creatures in-between from the war and downfall of humanity those many years ago. Somethings are best left hidden in the dark. Something is coming and it will shift the balance of this war and the outcome of our world.